Ever since I first started doing software development professionally in 2011, I've had the privilege of working with some amazing individuals and companies.

Here are some of the nice things they've generously offered to share about me and my work.

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Testimonial from Henry

Tina is a brilliant software engineer. I worked with Tina on building KINO's MVP Android app (a video streaming + social media app) during spring 2024, and I cannot wait to work with her again. 

3 things that stand out about Tina:

  1. Tina is super senior and can build complicated custom consumer UIs quickly and with high quality. 
  2. Tina is an excellent communicator. Our team has senior technical staff + non-technical team members, and Tina is great at code-switching so that everyone can understand and engage with her decision making/trade-off considerations.
  3. Tina is kind, emotionally intelligent person. When unexpected problems happen in code / strategy, Tina takes a cool analytical approach to understanding problems and expressing empathy when mistakes happen. It's easy and fun to work with someone who is cool under pressure.

If you're looking for a brilliant, strong communicating, kind teammate, I hands-down recommend Tina Holly. I've already referred Tina to several of my favorite consumer product founders.

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Testimonial from Vadim

Christina is a skilled, talented, and experienced front-end developer. She has a keen eye for detail, and cares not only about the code she writes, but also about design and copy, and often comes up with recommendations for improving overall user experience of the end product. 
During her time on my team, she worked on a high-profile project – redesign and rebranding of the ING DIRECT/Tangerine website, and also made a huge contribution to development of a new marketing content platform, by developing the client-side functionality using AngularJS. 
Christina will be a valuable asset on any team, and I highly recommend her for any UX/UI project.

Testimonial from Alexandra

Tina designed two websites for our institute and it has truly been a pleasure to work with her - she takes good initiatives, has solid judgment and her technical skills are excellent. She is also a great listener, so the final product, in both cases, is exactly what I aimed for (and perhaps even better)!

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Testimonial from Marco

Christina's flexibility allow her to perform in a wide range of industries, even not linked with the web design market. In April 2013, thanks to her help we were able to build a robust logbook system for the steel making industry. With this web based tool we're now able to report events and performances during the start up of our plants, using medias and database search capabilities.

The project has been rolled out in just three week, from scratch. Christina shows a remarkable ability to anticipate customer's needs, putting the right questions, and can imagine possible scenarios through the logic flow of the project. This analytic approach helps to prevent issues during the development, and dramatically cut the "time to market" of her final products.

Christina's knowledge and work experience on a wide range of open source solutions and standards is a valuable plus, since she's able to propose the best and smoothest platform for the specific goal.

As CFO and ICT manager I definitively recommend Christina's as consultant and specialist.

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Testimonial from Joel

As a contractor for Best Attendance, Christina spearheaded two different UX design and front end development projects. She has SUPERB technical skills in the areas of HTML, CSS, jQuery / Javascript, and responsive design. She has a great eye for design and is very detail-oriented. I'm looking forward to hiring her if another prjoect comes up!

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Testimonial from Sarah

Christina is a talented Web Designer & Developer and has proven herself an asset to our team. She uses her knowledge, web design skills and enthusiasm to complete projects (check out her website's portfolio to see for yourself) such as the FUNDING matters inc. company website. I always enjoy working with her and appreciate her commitment and attention to detail.

Christina always takes the time to recommend the best web design options based on aesthetics, functionality, and that "wow-that-looks-amazing-how-did-you-do-that?" factor. I would highly recommend Christina as a Web Designer & Developer.

Testimonial from a Chrome Web Store reviewer

I remember using this extension at my previous job, the job that I despised. However this little browser extension certainly made my workflow better and made me hate my old job a little less!

Testimonial from Fatma

I have been using Canned Replies for quite a long time and it makes my work life easier. Thank you and I am looking forward to the new updates.

Testimonial from a Chrome Web Store reviewer

This is excellent and exactly what i needed. Have been using for a few months now and can absolutely say it has made my life so much easier replying to my small business customers speeding up my work flow no end [...] I have found it immensely useful and use it many times a day. Also the import and export feature means i have been able to migrate it to all my computers.

Testimonial from a Chrome Web Store reviewer

One of a kind easy bugless extensions get 5 stars. Thanks

Testimonial from Pearce

Thanks for making this extension! I work in Customer Service and had been looking for a Chrome replacement to the Firefox extension "Clippings" and this one was perfect.