Canned Replies Chrome extension

Canned Replies Chrome extension

Canned Replies Chrome extension allows you to save and quickly send commonly-used text snippets in GMail and everywhere else on the web.

Canned Replies implements the Inbox SDK to allow for a more refined and integrated user experience within GMail.

Users configure their text snippets on the options page. Then, in GMail, they can click the Canned Replies icon that appears in the compose window to see the available text snippets that can be inserted into the email.

Though the primary use case is GMail, Canned Replies makes text snippets available everywhere online. Using the popup from the browser bar copies the snippet to your clipboard so it can be pasted anywhere. You can also find your canned replies in the context menu on any website.

Canned Replies can be easily exported and imported into other Chrome profiles from the Options page.

🚀 Launched January 2016

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