Institut des sciences mathématiques (ISM UQAM)

Institut des sciences mathématiques (ISM UQAM)

The Institut des sciences mathématiques at the Université de Québec in Montreal (ISM UQAM) hired me to design and develop their new, responsive website. The ISM is a group of 9 Quebec universities for post-graduate education in mathematics and science.

The solution for this higher education website is a content management system-powered responsive website where the back-end functionality was built using the ProcessWire content management framework. The website allows the clients to easily add and update existing content.

  • Bilingual website in French and English that remembers the user’s language preference
  • Interface optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop
  • Dynamic Google Maps API integration with client-generated content
  • Custom responsive images solution to load background images optimized for the user’s screen size

🚀 Launched November 2014

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  • Content Management System
  • Front-end Development
  • Localization
  • ProcessWire
  • Web Development