Kotlin and Java

Kotlin and Java

I have extensive experience in Kotlin and Java, building native Android apps in both languages, as well as backend web API's. The capacity at which I work with Kotlin and Java at companies includes either Tech Lead roles, or as the resident Java/Kotlin expert on smaller teams.

  • REST API development
  • Web socket servers
  • Building complex SDK's in Java
  • Distributing libraries over Git using Jitpack
  • gRPC on Android
  • Unit testing and integration testing in Kotlin using JUnit and JUnit Jupiter, including test-driven development (TDD) where appropriate
  • Frameworks I work with include Spring Boot and Ktor, depending on the project
  • Using profiling tools to test for memory leaks

Experience working with the Kotlin programming language in a variety of contexts including backend development with Ktor as well as Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

  • Building real-time web and mobile applications with server and client web sockets
  • Building backend REST API's
  • Setting up and working with dependency injection frameworks including Dagger2, Hilt, Koin, and Kodein
  • Setting up and working with ORM's and similar database libraries like Room database, SQLDelight, and Exposed
  • Unit testing in Kotlin, including with coroutines, JUnit (4 & 5), Mockk
  • Networking with gRPC, Protobuf, Retrofit, OkHttp, and Ktor HttpClient (with CIO and OkHttp engines)
  • Leveraging Kotlin to generate TypeScript code
  • Building productivity tools and chatbots to support interactivity for live-streaming content creators
  • Using profiling tools to test for memory leaks

Below are some projects that use Kotlin and Java.

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Projects that use Kotlin and Java