Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Extensive experience working with Ruby on Rails to build API's, and limited experience building server-rendered apps.

  • Technical leadership in Ruby on Rails
  • Building API's using REST and GraphQL
  • CI/CD setup on a variety of CI platforms to support running unit tests and automating deployments including database migrations with Postgres
  • Leveraging Ruby on Rails features including ActiveRecord to quickly build apps that need to manage a large amount of data
  • Building authentication for both server-rendered and API Rails projects, including working with JWT tokens (symmetrical and asymmetrical signing)
  • Developing and setting up the infrastructure to run asynchronous tasks with Sidekiq
  • Building custom clients to work with Firebase Authentication, Firebase Storage, and other Google services that are not officially supported in Ruby
  • Generating documentation for API's including Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) graphs
  • Scripting with Ruby to improve productivity
  • Working with Sinatra, a lighter-weight framework similar to Rails
  • Working with RBS and adding RBS support to company Ruby SDKs

Below are some projects that use Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

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Projects that use Ruby and Ruby on Rails