A library for building complex single page applications in JavaScript and TypeScript. I have been working with React since 2014.

  • Single page app development using React with TypeScript
  • Technical Leadership in React to ensure teams build maintainable, testable React applications
  • Presentational-Container component architecture to separate presentational and functional concerns, as well as to leverage the team based on competencies.
  • Building custom hooks and context providers to power a variety of functionality
  • Unit testing of utility functions, presentational components, functional components, and custom hooks
  • Automated UI testing with libraries like Cypress, Selenium, and Protractor
  • Working with Redux for global state management
  • Improving performance bottlenecks with regards to rendering concerns in React and Redux applications
  • Setting up CI/CD for React projects on a variety of CI platforms
  • Micro-frontends with React, when appropriate
  • Setting up and using Storybook to help developers develop UI quickly, as well as to allow developers with higher attention to detail to focus on building UI components and others to focus on functionality to ensure a polished UI.
  • Building multiple component libraries (with Sass and Styled Components) to build a library to support teams to build React UI's quickly.
  • Working with existing component libraries and frameworks like Material UI, Chakra UI, Tailwind, shadcn, Boostrap, etc.

Below are some projects that use React.

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Projects that use React