Event logging app for company that builds processing plants

Event logging app for company that builds processing plants

Tenova is a technological group working in the iron-making industry. Tenova HYL commissioned me to develop an event logging app for the management of internal events and processes.

Tenova HYL, Mexico, builds plants that process the iron ore. An important step of the construction of a plant is the commissioning which follows the construction and assembly of the equipment. It is a test period before the plant is delivered to the customer.

Tenova HYL needed an event logging app to facilitate the reporting and sharing of events across the globe. They needed a user-friendly platform with which to record events quickly, as well as print out lists of events. The resulting application is powerful in terms of functionality, and runs very quickly.

They needed to be able to upload supporting documentation and images to each event. The solution includes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface with which to share files.

They also needed to be able to print lists of events so content that needed to be printed has been print-optimized so users can print directly from the browser.

The resulting product is a web application solution powered by the ProcessWire content management system and framework.

The application is being used at more than three locations globally and growing.

  • Quick, powerful event logging app using the ProcessWire content management system and framework
  • Content can be filtered by date range or other criteria including department, equipment area, and user
  • Content is keyword-searchable
  • The event logging app features multiple user roles and permissions to ensure only some users have access to sensitive parts of the application

🚀 Launched April 2013

  • Back-end Development
  • Content Management System
  • Front-end Development
  • ProcessWire
  • Web Development