Tangerine Bank redesign

Tangerine Bank redesign

Please note that this post refers to the initial 2014 redesign when Scotiabank acquired ING Direct and rebranded as Tangerine.
I did not work on the 2017 redesign or any redesigns after that.

I was one of the 3 to 4 front-end developers on a small team for the ING Direct to Tangerine Bank redesign and rebranding project.

The new Tangerine Bank of Canada website is responsive and optimized for mobile, tablet, modern desktop browsers, as well as gracefully degrades to Internet Explorer 7. The new Tangerine website is the first bank website in Canada to be fully responsive.

The website is accessible, and the development of the website involved solving accessibility challenges to ensure the website was available for as many platforms as possible

The client banking website features user-friendly, intuitive dynamic forms for account registration and performing daily online banking tasks.

I single-handedly developed the front-end of the Forward Thinking blog and content marketing platform, an AngularJS application that uses WordPress as a service.

🚀 Launched April 2014

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  • Accessibility
  • Content Management System
  • CSS
  • Front-end Development
  • JavaScript
  • Web Development