I make websites and mobile apps for people regardless of technology and ability, and can create accessible, enjoyable digital experiences for users of all abilities.

I can provide accessibility consulting and development as per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and other guidelines.

Early in my career I worked on projects with strict accessibility requirements, and since then accessibility has always been top of mind for me.

Since the early 2010s I've been developing websites with a focus on accessibility. Early in my careeer, I worked on projects for not-for-profits that were government funded, and one of the requirements of receiving the funding was to ensure that the websites passed the strict accessibility requirements set out by the provincial and federal governments, which at the time meant that it needed to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) for AAA compliance, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and had to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6.

There are various ways to support accessibility, including graceful degradation and progressive enhancement, as well as providing alternative more accessible formats for content.

While financial service and higher-education companies have stricter accessibility requirements, caring about accessibility can help all companies make their software easier to use and their content easier to consume.

If your business has a requirement to conform to strict accessibility standards, or you just want to make your software and content accessible to as many people as possible, I can help with that. I can augment your existing team to provide that accessibility expertise and guidance your team may be lacking, or work alongside your team of experts the way they prefer to work to help them power through a big project.

Contact me if you're interested in working together.