Sheridan College redesign project

Sheridan College redesign project

I was a key player on a team of 3 for the Sheridan College redesign project, implementing the majority of the agency-provided designs to be sent to another agency for back-end implementation.

The custom framework developed for Sheridan is modular and reusable so that the website can grow as they need to create new pages and microsites.

I extended open-source, front-end technologies to provide a custom framework suited to Sheridan’s needs for front-end efficiency and scalable web design and front-end development.

  • LESS/CSS for efficient CSS development including object-oriented approaches to CSS
  • Responsive Web Design optimized for phones, tablets and screens of different sizes based on user analytics
  • jQuery Accessibility plugin development for text resizing and high-contrast widgets
  • Accessibility for screen readers and JavaScript-disabled – browsers
  • Wiki setup, configuration and document authoring for establishing and ensuring best practices for web development at Sheridan
  • The resulting solution is a front-end framework that can easily scale and help grow the Sheridan website.

🚀 Launched August 2013

See Sheridan College redesign project
  • Accessibility
  • CSS
  • Front-end Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Development