Extensive expertise with CSS including SCSS, Less, Stylus and Styled Components syntaxes to build scalable and maintainable CSS.

  • Technical Leadership with CSS including establishing and enforcing best practices for CSS
  • Building custom grids in CSS to offer the highest amount of flexibility without requiring developers to hack existing grid systems
  • Building Design Systems to support teams in building UI functionality faster
  • Implementing CSS methodologies and aspects of them to support a variety of CSS problems including custom grid layouts, white labeling, dark mode support, etc.
  • Applying CSS methodologies like BEM and SMACCS to build maintainable CSS and prevent specificity-related bugs and tech debt
  • Experience with a variety of CSS libraries including Bootstrap, Material UI, Foundation, Chakra
  • Expertise in troubleshooting large and difficult CSS code bases
  • High attention to detail to implement pixel-perfect CSS layouts with designer Figma and Sketch files
  • Mobile-first, Responsive Web Development to build web layouts that follow best practices and are optimized for a variety of device screen sizes including desktop, and tablets and phones in portrait and landscape orientations
  • Working with designers to ensure their web layouts are designed in a way that allows developers to build maintainable CSS and reduce tech debt
  • Building CSS animations and migrating animations to use CSS where appropriate to improve animation-related performance

Below are some projects that use CSS.

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Projects that use CSS