I have a variety of services to help improve your brand’s digital presence including websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

I believe in being open and transparent and choose to design and develop with open-source technologies to provide my clients with, scalable, community-supported solutions.

My services include working with a broad range of technologies, primarily JavaScript, for front- and back-end development, as well as native mobile application development.

Responsive Design

I design and implement high-quality fluid and responsive interfaces for websites and web applications that are not only compatible with, but also optimized for all screen sizes and devices.

From big computer screens to mobile phones, and everything in between, I optimize not only the design, but also the experience so that your users can experience the full functionality and content of your websites and web apps in a way that is optimized for them based on how they’re viewing your content.

I believe in optimizing and providing your mobile users with all of the content and functionality available on your website and applications, not just hiding it because it’s easier.

Front-end Web Development

I am an expert at front-end development and turning pretty pictures into real, responsive websites.

Whether you like your websites to be founded on a full-featured, open-source front-end framework, or prefer a lean, lightweight, minimalist, custom-rolled solution, I can provide you with high-quality front-end code for your websites and applications.

My weapons of choice include CSS preprocessors (Stylus, Sass, Less), JavaScript and select JavaScript libraries and frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS, React, as well as a variety of productivity tools.

Mobile Development

I provide both HTML5/JavaScript and native mobile application development, primarily for iOS and Android. The apps I have contributed to are in the hands of millions of users worldwide.

Whether you prefer native applications or the build once, deploy everywhere approach, I can help.

My tools of choice for Mobile Application development are Cordova/PhoneGap, and include JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS and React, as well as native development tools Android Studio and XCode.

Web & Application Design

Web Design is more than just what your website looks like, it’s about how your users interact with it.

From site architecture and content strategy, to the look, feel, and experience, I design and implement sleek web interfaces that are user-friendly and client-friendly that you and your visitors will enjoy interacting with.

Content Management

I design and develop websites that are easy for clients to add to, update, and manage themselves.

I leverage the power of community-supported systems and frameworks to empower my clients to manage their own content.

Some of the platforms I primarily work with include ProcessWire, Drupal, and WordPress, but I can also help out with your PHP MVC framework projects that use Laravel, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter. I also build custom solutions using Node.js.

I choose the sharpest tools in the shed to provide my clients with stable, maintainable, scalable solutions that are tailored to their needs and designed to grow with their business.

Back-end Web Development

I can provide back-end development services, including building REST APIs.

Back-end technologies of choice include Node.js tools like Express, Hapi, and database technology like MySQL, PostGres, MongoDB, and other database services. I can also help you with your PHP projects.


I make websites for people regardless of technology and ability, and can create accessible, enjoyable digital experiences for users of all abilities.

I can provide accessibility consulting and development as per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) for AA or AAA compliance—the standard required by all Canadian public sector websites, as well as the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

I can provide compatibility for deprecated browsers down to Internet Explorer 6, be it by means of graceful degradation or progressive enhancement, so that your visitors on even the oldest computers can still comfortably consume your content.