Technical Leadership

Technical Leadership


As a technical leader, I aim to set up full-stack web and mobile software development teams for success.

I believe the right tools and automated processes in place, a healthy risk-free environment where devs can communicate and disagree, transparent communication, documentation, and a diverse group of individuals on the team to get a diverse set of opinions and influences all help build successful teams.

As a tech lead, I like to set my team up for success by setting up a solid codebase and all the automated processes the team needs from the start so they can focus on building.

I meet with stakeholders to gather a thorough understanding of the stakeholders' goals and priorities, which helps influence which technologies to choose.

After choosing appropriate technologies for the job, I set up the codebases with CI/CD pipelines for testing and deployments, as well as linting and other automated tasks. This allows me and my team to focus on building rather than chore-related tasks.

To support my team I like to write extensive documentation that is easy to follow including style guides and the occasional instructional tutorial when appropriate. I like to provide style guides for all languages used, code examples, and design systems to support developers of all experience levels. I also make myself available to team members for mentorship including doing pair programming with peers and juniors, and running workshops to grow the team.

I like to communicate transparently and frequently in Slack, documentation, and meetings so that stakeholders are never left in the dark with regards to status on a project.

When it comes to building teams, I try to source as fairly as possible and include applications from developers from both traditional and non-traditional backgrounds, as well as use structure assessment practices to fairly assess candidates abilities rather than go by gut feeling which can lead to bias in the interview process.

I prioritize building the right organization framework and processes up front to create a supportive, healthy environment so teams can do their best work. My primary goals are to increase productivity so that team members feel empowered to contribute code and opinions, have a sense of ownership, and are motivated to ship quickly, and avoid scenarios that can introduce conflict and leave engineers feeling unmotivated.

When building teams, I put a strong emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and prefer working with companies with the same values, or at least those that demonstrate that they're willing to grow in that area.

If this sounds like a good fit for your engineering organization and you think you may like to work with me, please feel free to contact me.