Content Management

Content Management


I build websites that are easy for clients to add to, update, and manage themselves.

I leverage the power of community-supported systems and frameworks to empower my clients to manage their own content. I also work with cloud-based platforms for faster development.

I also build custom tools for managing content when appropriate.

I build websites and apps that users can manage themselves.

I enable my clients to manage the content on the websites and mobile apps I build them by leveraging open-source content management systems like Strapi, WordPress, Drupal, and ProcessWire.

I also work with cloud-based and headless content management systems like Dato CMS, Contentful, Airtable, and Strapi, among others, as well as no-code and low-code platforms like Retool.

I have been building with content management systems since the early 2000s and use CMS technologies to manage the content of my own websites. All of the content on this website is managed by a content management system.

I also build custom plugins to enhance functionality when the existing plugin ecosystem doesn't have something that can solve the problem.

A content management system solution might make sense for you in the following cases:

  • You are a graphic designer or artist and would like a custom-built website to showcase your work
  • You are a restaurant owner and would like a website that you can update yourself when you need to change the menus, hours of operation, contact information, image gallery, or other information on the site to showcase your restaurant
  • You have a decent amount of structured data that you'd like to display for web or mobile
  • You want to manage a variety of content and serve it as a REST API for your web and mobile apps to consume
  • You need non-developers at your company to be able to create, update, and manage content on your website without relying on your dev team
  • You want to build tools to help you run your business, e.g. accounting or invoicing software, etc.

I can augment your existing team to provide that content management system expertise and guidance your team may be lacking, or work alongside your team of experts the way they prefer to work to help them power through a big project. I'm a full stack web and mobile developer based in Canada, and I work with teams locally and internationally. If you'd like to work together, feel free to contact me.