Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Effective July 2, 2020

  1. Overview
    This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can manage, export, and delete your information.

  2. Products and Services
    We build websites, web apps and mobile apps like Canned Replies, TextDiffer, and the website Tinacious Design.

  3. Information you create or provide
    The information you create or provide includes data entered in websites or browser extensions, mobile apps, and desktop apps we own. This data is either stored locally on your device using the platform API's, or stored with one of our third-party service providers.

  4. Information we collect

    The information we collect while you use the Products and Services is referred to as Log Data and is used to help improve our products. We collect this data to help inform the development of our products, as well as to improve the user experience of these products. Example data that we collect includes:

    1. how you use the products, referred to as analytics data

    2. if you experience an error while using a product we built, and helpful details about that error to give context to assist in patching bugs

    3. device information, e.g. operating system name and version, internet protocol (IP) address, which are helpful for fixing bugs, as well as understanding how you use the products to help inform future development

  5. Third Party Services and Providers
    Third party services and providers include software and infrastructure we use to run our apps, including storing and collecting data. Third parties we leverage may also collect your data for their own usage. For information about how third parties use or store your data, links to the privacy policies for our third parties are included below:

    1. Product Distribution

      We leverage distribution platforms by Google and Apple to share our products.

    2. Logging

      We use logging to collect information to improve the user experience of our products. We leverage Rollbar and Google as logging providers. The logging data collected is does not include any personally identifiable information (PII).

    3. Hosting providers

      We leverage a number of hosting providers for all of the products we build, including but not limited to Heroku and Github. These providers may collect logging data about you via the usage of our products hosted on their infrastructure.

    4. Advertisements
      Some of our products implement third-party advertisements via Google AdMob. See their privacy policy for more information about the ads that you see and the information that is collected with regards to those ads.
    5. Emails

      We leverage email providers Mailgun and Mailchimp to send emails via the contact forms you fill out, or to send you newsletters for mailing lists. Emails sent via our mailing list will always include an unsubscribe link.

  6. Browser Data

    The following permissions may be used while you use our browser extension products:

    1. Context Menus

      Some of our products leverage the context menu permission, which is required in order to add menu items to the context menu, which enables the user to see a dynamic list of items in the context menu for our browser extensions.

    2. Storage
      Some of our products leverage browser storage API’s (e.g. Chrome Storage) in order to persist data across browser instances and give you a consistent, cross-platform experience.
    3. Clipboard write access
      Some of our products leverage the ability to write to your clipboard, also known as the pasteboard, as part of the primary feature set. We do not read data from the clipboard, we only write.
    4. Host permissions
      Some of our products require host permissions in order to run scripts on websites to enable the functionality of our products. Host permissions are required for features like embedding user interface elements like buttons, and enabling the functionality of interacting with a context menu item. We do not use the host permissions in order to read any of the data on any of the web pages you visit.
  7. Browser Storage API
    Browser storage API's like cookies, local storage, and session storage, may be used for logging purposes or to perisist sessional data.
  8. Security
    We use HTTP over TLS and SSL, which is denoted by "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP" in your browser's address bar, to ensure any data transmitted is done so securely and is encrypted during transit while you use our products.
  9. Exporting or Deleting your Data
    The Settings screen of the relevant product may have features for exporting and deleting data. If these features are not present in our products, you can contact us to delete your data.
  10. Changes to this Privacy Policy
    We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. This page will remain up to date with the privacy policy information. The changes are effective immediately after they are posted, or by the effective date.

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