Resumé website built in React using Contentful

Resumé website built in React using Contentful

I wanted to update the design of my resumé while leveraging more modern technologies. I opted to build my resumé using React, Next.js, and leveraging Contentful as a content management system.

The resumé is mobile-first responsive, and allows visitors to save my resumé.

It’s built using the following technologies:

  • Next.js with React in TypeScript
  • Contentful as a back-end (CMS-as-a-service)
  • Password protection implementing OAuth with Auth0
  • Print-optimized view allowing users to print or save as PDF
  • Allows users to copy a rich text version of my resumé to paste it into Word
  • Custom modal design for feedback message dialogues

This project is a rewrite of the 2013 version of my resumé website.

🚀 Launched May 2019

  • CSS
  • Design
  • Front-end Development
  • JavaScript
  • Web Development