Canned Replies Android

Canned Replies Android

Canned Replies Android is a free Android app that makes it quicker and easier to send the messages you send often. If you find you’re typing the same messages very often, or copying and pasting common messages from a Word document, you may find Canned Replies Android useful for your productivity.

Canned Replies Android was designed to make sharing messages as quick and effortless as possible. You can access your stored messages with a single tap.

Just open the app to copy a canned reply to your clipboard with a single tap.

Canned Replies Android supports importing and exporting with the Canned Replies Chrome extension!

  • Quickly add, edit and delete canned replies
  • Tapping a reply copies the message to your clipboard, ready for pasting
  • Supports older Android devices, from Android Kitkat (4.4.4) to Android Oreo (8.0+)
  • Stores the canned replies on the device and does not require an internet connection to access the messages so usage is very quick
  • Real-time analytics tracking with Firebase to track custom events and user screen views in real time
  • Banner advertisement display using AdMob
  • Supports importing and exporting messages between the Android app and the Chrome extension using JSON files
  • Supports French- and Spanish-speaking locales

Google Play Android is available on the Google Play Store.

🚀 Launched February 2018

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