Bitmoji app

Bitmoji app

Bitmoji is a native mobile application for iOS and Android that allows you to create your own personal emoji. Users can create and customize their avatar, and share them in most social media mobile applications, just like emojis. Bitmoji is one of the most popular, highly-rated, mobile apps on both iOS and Android worldwide and has received lots of celebrity attention for being a new, fun way to express yourself using emojis. Bitmoji was one of the first, and is one of the best keyboard apps for iOS.

Bitmoji averages about 8 million daily active users and is often in the top spot in the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store.

Bitmoji has other non-mobile platforms including the Slack integration, as well as the Bitmoji Chrome extension and complementary account sign-up web application, for which I was one of the top 2 developers, alongside the tech lead. The Chrome extension and sign-up web application are built in ReactJS., and the Slack integration is built in Node.js.

Bitmoji was one of the first apps to integrate with the new Facebook Messenger platform, and was featured at the F8 Facebook Developer conference.

I am one of the key players in the development of Bitmoji for both Android and iOS, developing responsive layouts, features, fixing bugs, and overall problem-solving. My role was primarily involved in the development of the Android app, ensuring pixel-perfect design implementation and functionality to interact with a variety of APIs.

Bitmoji offers in-app purchases on both Android and iOS so that users can get free and paid theme packs featuring their avatar.

  • Native Android development in Java using Android Studio and Gradle
  • Native iOS development in Objective-C using XCode, Rake, and Cocoapods
  • Unit testing for Android using Robolectric, and iOS using Kiwi
  • Integration testing to ensure the functionality of all of the APIs Bitmoji relies on
  • Development of the Avatar Builder using ReactJS
  • Localization of the main application and the Avatar Builder in a variety of languages
  • Native in-app purchases SDK implementation for buying free and paid packs on both Android and iOS
  • Working with the native JavaScript APIs for web views in a hybrid native application context
  • Server-side development in Node.js, including the use of the Express.js and Hapi.js frameworks, for the development of back-end APIs including the new user registration system
  • Apple Watch app prototype on a hackathon day written in Swift

🚀 Launched May 2015

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  • Front-end Development
  • Mobile Development