Noffi Jewelry website

Noffi Jewelry website

Even though Sarah is a jewellery designer who creates pieces from scratch out of raw material, this is not how she wanted to handle her website! She needed a site to showcase her jewellery that looked great and complemented her design style. It had to be simple so her and her team could easily add pieces to her showcase.

A WordPress-powered Content Management System was developed to assist Sarah in managing her website:

  • Client login page to add and manage existing content to the site
  • All content easily editable through WordPress’ user-friendly interface
  • Upload images through an easy-to-use web form to add new jewellery
  • Check off boxes to organize and sort her pieces depending on type or if the item has been sold
  • Create media-rich blog posts, including a rich text editor, ability to add images, audio and video
  • Noffi Jewelry logo design and branding

Photo editing for jewellery items was done in an attempt to make the pieces stand out in digital format as well as they do in person.

🚀 Launched December 2011

  • Content Management System
  • CSS
  • Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Web Development
  • WordPress