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Writing a simple Gulp plugin tutorial

In this simple Gulp plugin tutorial, I will be going through a plugin I wrote. The plugin is simple and transforms an input JSON file.

COVID-19 data by country

COVID-19 Today shows daily stats for the coronavirus. It’s a web app built in React that displays COVID-19 data by country. Here’s the source code.

JWT ECDSA signing in JavaScript

How to use JWT ECDSA to provide read-only JSON Web Tokens to a client app. Learn how to sign your tokens in Node.js and read them on the front-end.

React Rails travel app case study

Track countries you visit using this travel app built using React Rails. Choose countries via the interactive map, and share the map with your friends!

Social media sharing in AngularJS

I developed this directive for social media sharing in AngularJS to easily share a page to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

SVG to PNG fallback in AngularJS

This SVG to PNG fallback in AngularJS support can be easily added to your AngularJS applications with this simple directive.