AngelHack Toronto experiences working with VitaQ

AngelHack Toronto seemed like a great way to meet people and work on a great idea so I went on my own not knowing what to expect and met up with some talented teams with great ideas. After being invited to join a couple of teams, I decided to join up with VitaQ because it seemed like a real problem that needed to be solved.

What is AngelHack Toronto?

The AngelHack Toronto hackathon was a two-day coding sprint where designers, business analysts, front-end and back-end developers get together and build something great in under 24 hours. Some people don’t sleep. Luckily there was lots of candy and energy drinks for those of us who worked on the project late into the night.

I went alone, which was a great idea because I got my pick of all of the great ideas there were to work on. I decided to join up with the VitaQ team, and we worked on a concept for a cloud service that would allow job seekers to create tailored resumes to target employers, with a focus on using experience. The candidate would add all of their work and education experiences, tag them, and then pick and choose which ones they would want to include on a per-resume basis.

The prrototypes the VitaQ team built out during AngelHack included an iPhone app and a website. I helped out on the front-end development for the web-based prototype.

The bulk of the functionality is something that can definitely be implemented rather quickly with the technologies I am familiar with and work with often, and though I wasn’t handling the back-end portion of this, I could see lots of possibilities for development in ProcessWire and Drupal.

Here’s a picture of a static subscription page that accepts payment using the Paypal API.

VitaQ landing page for AngelHack Toronto 2013