ImageMagick Cheatsheet

An ImageMagick cheatsheet with some helpful commands for working with ImageMagick on the command line.

Writing a simple Gulp plugin tutorial

In this simple Gulp plugin tutorial, I will be going through a plugin I wrote. The plugin is simple and transforms an input JSON file.

COVID-19 data by country

COVID-19 Today shows daily stats for the coronavirus. It’s a web app built in React that displays COVID-19 data by country. Here’s the source code.

JWT ECDSA signing in JavaScript

How to use JWT ECDSA to provide read-only JSON Web Tokens to a client app. Learn how to sign your tokens in Node.js and read them on the front-end.

Animated Show More toggle in React

React Animated Show More is a simple, fully-customizable React component that expands and collapses to show your content.

Express route param validation (Node.js)

Express route param validation using Joi via the NPM module express-joi-validate. Validate your API endpoints using the power of Joi in an Express app.